Sony Venice

Reliable partner for creativity

VENICE is a cinema camera created by and for the cinematographer. It’s equipped with a newly developed full-frame image sensor meeting the needs of the film industry in pushing the boundaries of large format image capture with exceptional picture quality.

Satisfied with the current condition? With the wide latitude and gamut recorded by the VENICE, freedom of expression is significantly expanded in grading and based on established workflow.

VENICE has a surprisingly compact design, which allows easier shooting in confined spaces or on drones. Control buttons are carefully positioned for intuitive operation and even illuminate for easy use on dark sets. There are control displays on both sides of the camera, with the main display positioned on the camera outside for fast access to settings by the camera assistant while shooting. The camera operator’s OLED mini display allows intuitive control of commonly-accessed features, and on-set monitoring operation benefits from an extra HD output alongside the standard 12G-SDI (capable of 4K content on a single BNC cable).



  • Full width 36 mm 6K
  • Super35 anamorphic 4K
  • 15+ stops of latitude
  • Dual Base ISO
  • Exceeds Rec. 2020 color space
  • 8-step mechanical ND Filter
  • 4.0x Dot-by-Dot magnification
  • Wired LAN Control
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