Broadcast Facilities

Aerial Cinematography & Specialist Cameras

Remotely Operated Vehicles for both aerial and underwater applications available for hire with pilot or as part of our broadcast crew inventory


Remotely Operated Vehicles in Operation

  • UAV: Inspire 2 with full lens selection incl. X7 Camera
  • UAV: Mavic 2 Pro
  • Submersible ROV: Gladius Mini
  • Extra viewing equipment for Director and Crew
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Epic Studios Broadcast Aerial Showreel 2019

Aerial Cinematography

We offer drones of up to 5.2K resolution for both aerial and underwater applications with the capability to record footage at HD broadcast quality (pro-res or raw) directly to SSDs/memory cards. All unmanned vehicles are available either for hire with pilot, or to assist with on-location filming as part of a filming services package. This allows filming of locations that people would otherwise never be able to access. Be it aerial shots, underwater filming to include caves, passages, wreckages etc.; or hazardous locations where it would be unsafe for a camera crew to access…

We have multiple in-house, fully-qualified drone pilots approved by BBC, ITV & ARD with a wealth of broadcast experience. Our pilots offer not only expert flying skills but an in-depth understanding of aerial filming to ensure directors receive the best shots and angles on every job.

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Specialist Cameras

Our highly-experienced specialist camera department accommodates the design, build and implementation of various bespoke systems for use during unique applications that require filming capabilities above-and-beyond standard aerial filming.

Previous jobs have entailed the use of multiple mini cam rigs on both unmanned vehicles and remote heads and our design team have successfully manufactured and deployed many types of vehicle with fixed rig cams for filming the unreachable Рsuch as hazardous ground areas using custom-built land vehicles or remotely-operated submersibles for underwater filming.

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Balloon Aerials

Aerial filming by Epic Studios Broadcast crew with 4K HD aerial drone.

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