Broadcast Studio

Production, Cameras & Lights


All cameras run on either Vinten Quattro or Fulmar pedestals and are
connected to Racks via the LEMO Hybrid fibre/electrical system

We have a custom tower for operator control at height and cradles for
mounting in the grid at 4m70 if a lock off is preferred.

Technical Specifications:

  • 7 X Sony HDC 1500 cameras
  • 4 X Canon XJ27 box lenses
  • 1 X Canon HJ17 lens
  • 1 X Canon HJ11 lens
  • 3 X Autoscript Autocue heads

Special Effects & Pyrotechnics

  •  Martin Atomic Strobes x 7
  • Rosco X24 fx Projectors x 2
  • Jem Glaciator Fog Machine x 1
  • Jem Compact Hazer Pro x 1
  • Look Solutions Unique Hazer
  • C02 Cannons
  • Chauvet Funfetti Shot
  • Le Maitre Salamander Flame Cannon (Red/Green/Natural Flame)
  • Large assortment of gerbs, smoke, glitter

Use of pyrotechnics may incur cleaning costs