SmallHD Cine 7 RX/TX Directors Monitor Kit

Ultimate on-camera monitoring solution

Take control of your camera directly from the Cine 7 touchscreen interface. Trigger record start/stop and change essential camera settings such as iris, ISO, frame rate, and so much more, all in real-time. Cine 7 can be outfitted with several control licenses so it can be used seamlessly across RED and ARRI cameras.

Get the ultimate on-camera monitoring solution; a Cine 7 with a built-in Teradek wireless transmitter. Send HD video up to 500 feet to a client or director while monitoring on a gorgeous, daylight viewable display.


  • 7-inch, 1920X1200
  • 1800 nits
  • 1x Bolt 500 Receiver
  • 1x HDMI In, 1x HDMI Out
  • 1x 3G SDI In, 1x 3G SDI In/Out
  • ⅛” Headphone Jack
  • Barrel Power Input (10V-34V, 2A DC), Sony/V-Mount Battery Brackets (Both included)
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