The Green Room

Welcome to The Green Room - Epic Studios' brand new bar located just next door to the main entrance. Currently opening every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Green Room /ˈɡriːn ˌruːm/ A room in a theatre or studio in which performers can relax when they are not performing.

If you’re in the need for a pre-show drink or after work pint, be sure to check out our new bar. The Green Room is your backstage pass to indulge and unwind like a pop star. As well as serving alcohol, our bar also serves great tea, coffee and a range of soft drinks. The sophisticated décor takes inspiration from live music with real studio lighting, instruments and big screens.

The Drink Exchange

You Control The Prices!

Watch the price of drinks go up and down throughout the evening depending on their popularity. The system works like a real stock exchange so if no one is buying shots, then shots will be cheap. And if everyone is buying Guiness, then that will be the most expensive pint. There will also be huge price drops that will occur randomly so keep an eye on those screens.