The UK’s leading tributes to S.O.A.D. and Linkin Park – Chop Suey (feat members of
Dragonforce & Breed 77) and Hybrid Theory will be co-headlining this amazing tour,
bringing a no-holes-barred nu metal extravaganza, celebrating those classic songs of
the early 00s that defined a generation. Joining them will be Killswich UK, AudioRage
playing two sets of Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, and the world’s first
Post-Nu-Metal supergroup The Violent Inzident. Get ready for a crazy high-intensity
show, complete with smoke, CO2 cannons and giant sparklers! Nostalgia never
sounded this fresh, or rocked this hard \m/

Forever NU!! A new annual touring festival bringing you the best of 90’s/00’s

Following a successful Australia and New Zealand tour in 2020, and a blistering headlining
show at Nottingham’s iconic Rock City last year, 2022 sees Chop Suey’s biggest tour so far.
Now bringing it’s explosive show to European festivals, Chop Suey is set to become the
most renowned System of a Down tribute in the world.
Chop Suey boasts an all star lineup; including guitar legend Sam Totman from Dragonforce
on bass, and Andre Joyzi the drumming powerhouse from Breed 77. Previous members
include guitar players Richard Shaw from Cradle of Filth, and Ben Christo from The Sisters
of Mercy.

Hybrid Theory are the UK’s original tribute to all things linkin park, capturing the raw and
high octane energy of the live Linkin Park experience, playing all the hits that span across
their entire back catalog.
They pride themselves on delivering the very best live shows possible worldwide from
Dubai to Holland and all across the UK, Taking pride in the most authentic look and sound
of the original band whilst paying tribute to the late great Chester Bennington!
Hybrid Theory Linkin Park Tribute – YouTube

A tribute to Audioslave & Rage Against the Machine hailing from the Midlands, UK covering all
material from both bands. Expect two killer sets with all the greatest hits!

The UK’s original tribute to Killswitch Engage, feat Rich O’Donnell from Karybdis, Connor
Meighan from The Heretic Order and Andre Joyzi from Breed 77. Quite possibly the heaviest
metal tribute in the UK.

The world’s first Post-Nu-Metal supergroup have arrived!
An unhealthy mix of comedy and parody will have Nu-Metal fans taking their Korn and
Slipknot albums to cash converters faster than you can say chocolate starfish and the water
flavored hotdog! Debut album ‘This Is Nu-Metal!’ out on April 1st.