Elvana: Broadcast

Elvis Fronted Nirvana - Live Broadcast

Elvana are stoked to announce that we’ll be performing our first ever full ‘live stream’ show from a UK TV studio at 8pm on Saturday 1st August 2020.


The ’20’ Comeback Special’ performance will be at least 2 hours long with an hour of ‘electric’ and an hour of ‘unplugged’ action, featuring all your favourite Elvana tracks from our full live band.


You can slip into something (or someone?) comfortable and watch the show LIVE from the comfort of your own home PLUS send messages of adoration to the band while we play!


Want to watch the show more than once? No problem, we got you covered! The gig will be saved to your device for at least 24 hours after it’s first live run. For those Elvana fans who sadly have other engagements (not sure what could be more important!?) or if you live in a different timezone, you can also stream the show at a later time to avoid missing all the action. Phew!


This is a PAY PER VIEW show and will cost just £7 per household!! OR PRE-BOOK NOW FOR JUST £5!!


You’d be crazy not to miss this! Keep the live music scene alive and SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!