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Curved Air is a unique band, synthesizing an eclectic blend of musical styles into an instantly

identifiable sound. Curved Air’s hits include “It Happened Today”, “Vivaldi”, “Marie Antoinette” and

“Backstreet Luv”. Curved Air founder member vocalist Sonja Kristina leads a skilled and talented new

line-up, which includes returning 1970s member Kirby Gregory, bringing their unique music to an

existing and new fanbase in the 21st Century.

Curved Air’s concerts and festival appearances continue to thrill a steadily increasing mass of new

and old fans worldwide. Their experimental blends of classical themes, electronic sounds and

pop/rock energy and beautiful, timeless songs are performed with fire and passion and tremendous


Considered (according to AllMusic) “one of the most dramatically accomplished of all the bands

lumped into Britain’s late-’60s prog explosion”, Curved Air is a pioneering British progressive rock

group of musicians from mixed artistic backgrounds.


They are famed for their unforgettable live performances and ‘Art Rock’ music – the quasi classical

imprints of Terry Riley hooked onto beautiful and demonic violin combined with electronic

adventurous synths and interwoven with brilliant guitar wizardry mesmerisingly embroidered by the

subliminal and exotic presence of a unique lead singer Sonja Kristina. All these elements elevated

them from the underground Roundhouse scene to top the album charts in the early ’70s.

On 12th November 2012, much to the excitement of their fans and press worldwide, a Live CD/DVD

titled ‘Live Atmosphere’ was released – ‘Songs of revolution, insanity, loss, desire and ghosts: a

unique compilation of powerful Curved Air songs played by a vital contemporary Curved Air’. This

was followed by the release of “North Star”, the band’s first album of new material in 36 years.



“CURVED AIR, with a real band attitude and a zest for life; this is a band you want to see live for the

sheer artistry of how to deliver the musical goods.” (Lee Dorian, Classic Rock)

“All of the players impress – some stunning new instrumentalists who immerse the audience in a set

of swirling, whirling solos that emphasize moods and nuances and floating waves of sound that act

as a counterpoint to Sonja’s dramatic sense of theatricality”. (Classic Rock Society Magazine)

“Sonja Kristina prowls the front of the stage expertly playing off the energy of all the performers

with her. There’s no denying they remain formidable live!” (Prog Magazine)

“While women in UK progressive rock were relatively few and far between its Sonja that wore the

crown. Well the undisputed queen of British Prog is on tour again and what a joy it is to see her and

Curved Air back in action. The whole group of assembled musicians are perfectly qualified to

recreate the band’s uniqueness authentically. Catch them while you can”. (Classic Rock)


Curved Air is:

Sonja Kristina – vocals

Kirby Gregory – guitar

Chris Harris – bass

Robert Norton – keyboards

Andy Tween – drums

Grzegorz Gadziomski – violin


Doors @ 19:00

Tickets on sale now!

+ Book Now

Unreserved Seating